Playful Hybrid Interventions
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What we do

MIYU is a creative agency on the edge of interaction design and game design. Our goal is to innovate with hybrid products that fade the borders between physical and digital worlds, creating playful and meaningful experiences. New technological developments and user- centered design techniques offer opportunities to create new relationships between people, objects and physical spaces that empower people to discover the world around them in new ways.


We design and develop games, using Augmented Reality, GPS, sensor and marker technologies and the networking capabilities of mobile and wearable technologies.

Playful Applications

We build playful apps that add information layers on top of the world and enable users to explore physical spaces in new and engaging ways.

Interactive Interventions

We craft hybrid interactive interventions for public and semi-public spaces (or: for cities, organisations and communities) that bridge the digital and the physical world.


MIYU is a collaboration of a multi-displinary team passionate about creating products with an impact. Grounded in research, but with years of experience building 'real world' products we lift the bar in every one of our projects and products.

Thomas Laureyssens

Interaction Design

Wouter Van den Bosch

Information Architect

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